The Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL), University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria in conjunction with the African Network for Solar Energy (ANSOLE), Jena, Germany is organising an international conference with the theme “Renewable Energy Development in Africa: An Interface of Technology, Economics and Policy”.

The CPEEL-ANSOLE conference provides a platform for an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder discourse on the potential, status, problems and research-based solutions for meeting the
challenges facing renewable energy development in Africa. The conference presents an opportunity for stakeholders from academia, government, industry and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to
foster inter-sectorial collaborations on the optimal exploitation and use of Africa's huge renewable energy potential.

The broad areas of interests include but not limited to:

  • Renewable Energy and Growth Agenda (Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2063, Paris Climate Change Agreement)
  • Enablers and Barriers to Developing Local Renewable Energy Markets
  • Renewable Energy and Gender
  • Regulatory and Policy Framework for Renewable Energy
  • Innovation in Renewable Energy Technology
  • Capacity Building for Renewable Energy Development
  • Renewable Energy for Clean Water
  • Current Theoretical and Experimental Research on Renewable Energy
  • Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy 
  • Renewable Energy for Sustainable Communities
  • Societal Aspects in the Deployment of Renewable Energy

Submission: All abstracts for paper presentation (300words max.) are to be submitted online or by email to the Conference Paper Committee via:

Poster Presentation:

Students and researchers are invited to present their research in a Poster Competition.
All abstracts (300words max) for poster presentation should be submitted online or via email:

Photo Contest:

Original photos that portray energy challenges and solutions in Africa are invited for CPEEL-ANSOLE Energy Photo Contest.
Entries must be original, unedited and accompanied with description of where, why, how and when photo was taken.
All photos are to be submitted online or via email:

Essay Contest:

Interested secondary school students are invited to participate in the maiden Essay Competition. Participants are
invited to write a letter to the State Governor (any state/province in any country) describing a problem in their locality and how renewable
energy can be used to solve it. Essays (1000 words maximum; Font Type: Times New Roman; Font size: 12; Double line spacing) are to be
submitted (in PDF format) online or via